LI-VM34 W-VGA Camera board for TI DM365 DVEVM(MONO)
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LI-VM34 incorporates an Aptina 1/3-inch CMOS digital image sensor MT9V034, with an active imaging pixel array of 752H x 480V. The LI-VM34 Camera Board produces extraordinarily clear, sharp digital pictures, and it is capable of capturing both continuous video and single frame.
Main features:
- 1/3-Inch W-VGA CMOS Digital Imager
- Active imaging pixels: 752H x 480V
- Pixel Size: 6umx6um;
- 10-bit Digital Output with Line and Frame Synchronization
- Max Data rate: 27 Mega pixel Per Second
- Pixel Dynamic Range: 55dB in linear, 110dB in HDR mode
- Simple two-wire serial interface
- TrueSnap global shutter
- High frame rate: 60fps
- Direct interface to TI DM365 Evaluation Module
- Standard CS-Mount or M12 lens
- Free Linux driver for DM365
  • Item #: LI-VM34
  • Manufacturer: Leopard Imaging Inc

LI-VM34 W-VGA Camera board for TI DM365 DVEVM(MONO)

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